Holy invitations

Fleur de printemps au soleil

“If nothing fits anymore, if we don’t seem to belong where we are, that’s a call to begin again.
If we have more to give than we’re giving now, that’s a call to begin again.
If the relationships that defined us break down, it’s time to become the rest of who we are.
If something is missing where once everything seemed to be full, that’s a state of holy invitation.”

Years ago I spent a month in a hermitage on the grounds of Mt. St. Benedict monastery in Erie, PA, a guest of the gracious Sisters who live there. That’s where I came upon these words you just read. I don’t recall anymore whether I read them or heard them, whether they were printed or preached, or perhaps illustrated in a piece of art on a wall. But I’m grateful I had the sense to write them down and preserve them so I could stumble upon them again these many years later.

There’s something deeply encouraging to me in the idea that what presents itself at first as a difficulty – things not fitting, relationships not working, a haunting sense of wanting something that isn’t there – is actually a gift, a call from the Divine to re-enter the adventure of living in a new way. These words, “to begin again… to become the rest of who we are,” stir me with a sense of poignancy and hope. I love the idea that not only can I do that, there is already a power at work beguiling me and urging me toward it, ready to assist, loving me with the offer of some wonderful new possibility.

Tonight I’m praying for new possibilities, for myself and for you!

[Photo courtesy of Thierry RYO – Fotolia]

Author: Linda Robinson

Writer, Christian contemplative, concerned citizen.