Changing the world

There is a new movie out about the life of Jesus. I have only seen the trailers on TV, but there’s a line from the movie that stays with me. The words aren’t in the Bible, but even so it was right to put them in his mouth, because he could well have said them. His whole life spoke them. In the movie trailer he has apparently just invited some young men to follow him, and one of the soon-to-be disciples has asked what they will be doing. The movie-Jesus just says, “Change the world.”

That’s what he is still doing. Changing the world. But it is such slow work, and I fear I’m not doing enough, not doing my share. But then, the minute I say this I remember a dozen ways he has told us that there is nothing we can do apart from him, so there is really only one thing we need to do: that is, follow him. Which I understand to mean: trust him and do what he leads us to do, day by day, one day at a time.

I believe that what Jesus needs for this work of his are not heroes but simply faithful souls fully committed to him. I believe that whether we know his name or not, if our spirits know and embrace his spirit and if we faithfully walk with him that way, surely we can be part of changing the world with him!

Why do I keep hearing that line from the movie, Jesus telling us that together we’re going to change the world? (What faith he has to say that to us! What a bold faith!) So I guess that means I need to grieve for the brokenness in the world but not allow it to overwhelm me. Instead I need to find the opportunities that come to me each day and contribute a blessing, and trust that it will be enough, that however small my contribution, he will multiply its effects. “Follow me,” he kept saying, and still says it to me. Just follow me, it’s as simple as that. And as hard…

You know, when I was preaching regularly I was very aware (even if my congregations were not) that every sermon I preached was a word to me (and for someone else out there too, I hope, but knew I had at least an audience of one!) Now every time I write I find something emerging that I needed to think about for myself. So if you’re listening too, I’m glad, and I thank you. Please pray for me as I pray for you, to not just hear but heed the Spirit’s speaking! Together I believe we can change the world.

Thanks for listening…. Blessing and peace to you.

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Author: Linda Robinson

Writer, Christian contemplative, concerned citizen.