A reason to smile

10301960_834111339939985_4369961035055030917_n happy goat smilingI fell in love with this picture of a happy goat. I stumbled across it on the internet, and it made me smile a lot and wish I could scratch behind its ears. (I wonder if we look as silly to a goat as this beautiful creature looks to me now? And why don’t we always realize how beautiful “silly” can be?)

I believe God must love a good joke, because so much of the creation seems designed to inspire at least a smile, often a belly laugh, and now and then even a poignant lesson on life. I like to look at pictures of animals – wildlife, pets, fish, mammals, birds, insects, creatures of all kinds — countless species that share this planet and breathe life with us. I can’t escape the conviction that the Creator has a loving, riotously inventive mind that delights in our diversity and that all this creative diversity and difference is meant to give us joy, not to provide an impulse for war.

Now, if only we could learn to cherish our differences, in individuals and across species, as much as I believe God does. Who would want to make war on a happy goat if we could see it for the special being it is?

Thank God that the Holy One sees us for the special creatures we are!


Here are just a few more of the creatures that make me smile….
 77064_0_990x742 funny_lazy_animals-16main-qimg-6efc7edc7a12b6dd301150dfda83b76f Friendly frog 2474444_457282534289536_153740620_o finger monkey elephant cub running M'bari the lion 486079_547394701944985_1332455900_n blue sea horse
I hope you find a reason to smile today! Peace and joy to you….

Author: Linda Robinson

Writer, Christian contemplative, concerned citizen.