Things I can live better without…

101037411 greeting the morningIf you’ve followed my posts recently, you know that I’m in serious de-cluttering mode at home. It got me thinking about other kinds of things that have burdened my life, things I could live better without.

Here’s a short list, just a beginning:

  • the need for approval from everyone
  • chronic, unnecessary, and unproductive false guilt (the kind that is neurotic indulgence, not to be confused with true guilt, the acknowledgement of which is the necessary first step toward confession, repentance, and renewal of a healthy life)
  •  yielding to pressure to conform to expectations or wishes (whether internal or from other people) that go against your better judgment and deepest desires
  •  avoidance of difficult tasks

If I thought about it a bit more I could easily lengthen this list, but maybe 4 things are enough to pay attention to for now. The next step is to actually kick them to the curb — easier said than done (although I’ve gotten pretty good at the third thing). I’ve been working on all of these for a long time, but there’s still more “progress” to be made. As with my house, just when I think I’ve got it all cleared out, I find another hidden corner or closet that still needs a good cleaning out.

Spiritual and material de-cluttering mirror each other. They both involve a careful consideration of values and desires. Spiritual clutter is as life-deadening and debilitating as material clutter. Knowing what is junk and what is treasure, what drains life and what gives life, is important.

Here’s what I know: to let go of what is untrue and unnecessary, and to hold on to what is good and true and needed, is the path to spiritual freedom and to the true fullness of life. I pray we all may grow in the spiritual freedom that is the gift and the call of the Holy One and enjoy all the fullness of life that a heart can hold.

Blessings to you…

Author: Linda Robinson

Writer, Christian contemplative, concerned citizen.