When the shadows fall

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© casfotoarda – Fotolia.com

It’s been a difficult and distressing few months for many people as we’ve watched the increase in intensity of brutal violence and the deliberate attempt to inspire terror around the globe. With so many others, I too have prayed for those who’ve suffered this most personally. But it’s hard to know what one can say in light of this…

Except, perhaps, this: that we need to hold on to hope, and to pray for the courage and faith to fight the forces of evil wherever and however we can. We who love the Holy One of Jesus Christ need to hold fast to God and to each other. I will never believe that the perversion of “faith” and the ideology that masquerades as theology among terrorists can overcome us in the end.

The fight against evil takes a long time, and it will be hard to endure. But in the time of enduring… in the indescribable pain that some people suffer… in the long walk through a dark valley, when feelings overwhelm us or when it’s hard to feel anything at all – I’ve found that it’s good to hold on to what comforts and strengthens us, rather than to give in to despair or anxiety. Many years ago, when I found myself betrayed and abandoned, in the inexperience of youth I let go of the only Hand capable of comforting me; I shut my eyes and stumbled in the dark. I hope I never make such a mistake again.

I pray that whatever sorrows or burdens or fears you may be carrying in your heart, you may never lose faith in the power of the Holy to sustain you in life and to deliver you in the end from the ravages of evil. God’s blessings be with you wherever you are.

Author: Linda Robinson

Writer, Christian contemplative, concerned citizen.