Inward Journey: a poem

(c) Fons Laure - Fotolia
(c) Fons Laure – Fotolia

Inward Journey

Gazing into a clear lake,
past glimmering waters’ mirrored scenes,
past memories, plans, and idle thoughts
scattered like fish that swim and flit,
I seek the living stillness
in a caverned pool of quiet
deep within
where soul dwells
and G-d waits.

Gazing into the clear space
of sunlit sky, past drifting clouds,
past swooping birds and planes in flight,
I fall through the sky to the deep within,
seeking the silent heartbeat
of the hidden holy place
where soul dwells
and G-d waits.

I hear the Holy singing,
sounding in silence, clear and pure.
I wait for a Word to rise
from the Stillness and the Silence,
I stay silent and still with longing
for the touch of the Holy,
in the secret place
where G-d waits
to be found.

© Linda Robinson, 2014

Author: Linda Robinson

Writer, Christian contemplative, concerned citizen.