Turning a new page

After a two-year hiatus, I’m coming back to the soundless voice of this blog, newly named. I used to call these reflections “Sounding,” signifying a search for some depth-perception. I sought to trace the hidden presence of The Holy that is to be found in the everyday experience of life. The focus was at once narrow (spiritual, personal, individual) and scattered. But now something more is called for.

In the time I’ve been away from this medium, the world around me has reached a dangerous tipping point. I’ve been anguished by the outbreak of a destructive political and cultural climate. Here in the United States we’re wading through floods of discontent, distrust, and outrage, overwhelmed by waves of lying speech and hateful actions. There are factions and fighting, lies and obfuscation. There is a gradual erosion of some of the most important democratic institutions that have shaped us as a nation. There is a set-in-concrete partisanship that is making it nearly impossible to address the challenges we face.

To be sure, there are signs of hope to be found in the midst of all this, potential good that may yet be realized. But there is also a lot of mud to push through.  I believe that God (however you conceive God to be) is at work in creation and in human life, so that we are not alone in the midst of all the chaos, confusion and assault that we’re feeling now. But we need to slog through the mud and seek the solid ground to do our part. We need to cooperate with the force of Good, lest the quagmire we are making (yes, we’re all helping to make it!) drag us down to oblivion. And the first part for us is to pursue truth, to see and speak it clearly, and to do the hard and humbling work of living it faithfully.

I admit that I feel hesitant and yet also drawn to add my voice to the many voices (genuine and fake) that are making themselves heard now. It’s my hope that some of what we talk about here may help spread the good and cut through some of the mud. Our contributions are needed now and can help, through a potent practice of being truth-seekers and truth-tellers in a world of powerful lies and blinding passions.

Author: Linda Robinson

Writer, Christian contemplative, concerned citizen.