Strength or weakness?

38a90875-557c-4676-a9f4-e3320a8f69f7Notes from Pope Francis at a TED 2017 Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Here’s what he said (the emphasis is mine):

“[Tenderness is] the path of choice for the strongest, most courageous men and women. Tenderness is not weakness; it is fortitude. It is the path of solidarity, the path of humility. Please, allow me to say it loud and clear: the more powerful you are, the more your actions will have an impact on people, the more responsible you are to act humbly. If you don’t, your power will ruin you, and you will ruin the other.

I couldn’t agree more. Here are my thoughts. The one who is genuinely and deeply weak is the one who often becomes the most outrageous bully, trying to hide his (or her) insecurity under a blanket of bluster, attack, and threat. It is always a mistake to give our power away to such people. They are to be pitied and not encouraged to continue in their behavior by our fear of them. Dear God, how did America ever get to such a place that we gave the power of the presidency into the hands of the weakest, most pathetic bully?! His power is ruining him and he doesn’t seem to know it. But worse, it is ruining the lives of so many people and of the one nation on earth that used to be the best hope of the earth (in my humble opinion).

Author: Linda Robinson

Writer, Christian contemplative, concerned citizen.

2 thoughts on “Strength or weakness?”

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful response, Carol. But it still seems to me that you’re not seeing things clearly. I can see very little better that has come from him and far too much that is worse. Character does matter when you hold so much power. But I love you and we just have to agree to disagree.


  2. Beautifully written and the premise of tenderness and humility is right. Although we may not like the messenger or his way of delivering the message, sometimes we need a strong willed individual to get things done for the betterment of all that other people were unable to accomplish. Many are in it for their own “legacy” and enrichment. Others don’t personally need that; they’re secure in their own self. They sacrafice their wealth and open themselves to criticism in order to restore our country’s values and reduce the threat of dictatorships around the world that threaten our way of life.


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